Mirra Management DMCC

You will find the terms and conditions below. If you have any questions you can always contact us.

Terms & Conditions

Article 1: Definitions

In these terms and conditions the terms listed below shall bear the meaning given to them:

  1. Mirra Management DMCC: a trading name of the private company with limited liability Mirra Management DMCC (see Article 9 for more details).
  2. Ticket: the admission ticket for an event.
  3. Buyer: the person who concludes an agreement with Mirra Management DMCC to provide tickets (admission tickets) for events such as concerts, matches, etc.
  4. Booking confirmation: an electronic confirmation, provided by Mirra Management DMCC, of the booking made by the buyer that is sent by Mirra Management DMCC to the email address specified by said buyer or that is issued to said buyer.

Article 2: Applicability

These terms and conditions shall apply to all offers, booking confirmations and agreements where Mirra Management DMCC acts as the seller of tickets. Additions to or deviations from these terms and conditions shall only apply if explicitly accepted by Mirra Management DMCC. No rights can be derived from any promises made by any Mirra Management DMCC employee unless they have been explicitly confirmed by Mirra Management DMCC.


Article 3: Placement of orders

  1. An order by the buyer shall be deemed to have been placed by the buyer if:
  2. Said buyer has specified in the Mirra Management DMCC booking procedure which ticket(s) said buyer wishes to receive,
  3. Said buyer has filled in the other information required, and
  4. (iii) This booking has been received by Mirra Management DMCC after it has been sent.
  5. An order by the buyer shall also be deemed to have been placed if said buyer has passed on all the required information through the phone to Mirra Management DMCC.
  6. An order shall be final once Mirra Management DMCC has acknowledged receipt of the order by sending an order/booking confirmation. Terms and conditions are accepted when the order is final.


Article 4: Prices

  1. Reselling is involved in relation to the sale of tickets by Mirra Management DMCC. Mirra Management DMCC prices will be different from the prices that may be specified on the tickets themselves and the buyer cannot derive any rights from these prices. All costs are included in Mirra Management DMCC prices excluding shipment costs.
  2. Prices are expressed in the currency of the invoice unless otherwise specified.
  3. The price is unique for each order. The price may vary with every order.
  4. Mirra Management DMCC prices are subject to fluctuations related to the demand for and the availability of tickets. The buyer cannot derive any rights from increases or reductions of prices once said buyer has placed an order. The price confirmed to the buyer at the time of ordering will therefore remain the effective price.


Article 5: Payment

  1. Payment must take place using one of the methods specified on the Mirra Management DMCC website or, as a departure from this, using a method to be further specified by Mirra Management DMCC.
  2. If paying by using a credit card, the data shall be sent through a secure server. Mirra Management DMCC shall request authorization from the card issuer or the credit card payment.
  3. If paying by means of a credit card, the buyer must provide a copy of a valid identity card and credit card at the first request of Mirra Management DMCC. Mirra Management DMCC shall be entitled to demand from the buyer that said buyer use a different payment method than the one that has been selected.
  4. Credit card payments will be debited by Mirra Management DMCC.
  5. All payments will be taken as mentioned on the invoice currency.
  6. All Invoices are Reverse Charge


Article 6: Delivery of tickets

  1. Mirra Management DMCC aims at ensuring buyers receive tickets at least two to five (2-5) days prior to the event. Most sport and football tickets (Premier League, Series A & Spanish League) will be delivered to your hotel one to two (1-2) days before the event takes place. To that extend, please provide us with your hotel details. If you are an international customer, please expect the tickets to arrive one to three (1-3) days before the scheduled event, due to the late release of some tickets. In some cases the tickets will be delivered on the day of the event. Please note that tickets for football matches are for the team playing at home unless stated otherwise. You may not be allowed to enter the venue in case you are wearing clothes in support of the visiting team. Doing so is therefore at the risk of the buyer.
  2. Shipment and issue shall be at the expense of the buyer. Shipment costs are also applicable to hotel delivery.
  3. Tickets shall be sent at the expense of the buyer via the same distribution channel as the event organiser delivery method.
  4. The tickets shall be delivered by Courier at the address as specified by the buyer unless nobody is available to receive them. Mirra Management DMCC shall not be held liable should delivery of the tickets fail due to provision of an incorrect address by the buyer.
  5. Should the buyer not accept, pick up or have picked up a ticket sent to said buyer, and the ticket is returned to Mirra Management DMCC by Courier or any local courier service, said buyer shall be obliged to compensate Mirra Management DMCC for the costs incurred in relation to the return shipment. At the request of the buyer and on advance payment of the shipment costs involved, Mirra Management DMCC will resend the tickets to said buyer.
  6. In deviation to the provisions related to delivery, Mirra Management DMCC may choose a different delivery method than specified above, for example, by having the tickets delivered to the reception of a hotel specified by the buyer. It is the responsibility of the buyer to notify the occupant of the delivery address specified by said buyer of the delivery of the tickets. If you have not received your tickets 48 hours before the event, please email or phone us during business hours. Mirra Management DMCC may deliver the tickets up to the moment the event starts, for example until the kick-off in football matches.
  7. It is the responsibility of the buyer to provide Mirra Management DMCC with the correct delivery address. At any time the buyer is obliged to inform Mirra Management DMCC of any change in address.
  8. When the occasion arises and in particular in relation to music and/or sporting events, tickets may display a name that does not match the name of the buyer of the ticket.
  9. The buyer of a ticket supplied by Mirra Management DMCC must behave as a good and orderly visitor of events and must follow instructions given by or due to the organizer of an event to be visited by said buyer as well as by the competent authorities.
  10. The quality categories specified by Mirra Management DMCC for tickets shall not harmonize with any categories used by the organizer of the event for which the tickets have been issued. The buyer cannot derive any rights from the category class and/or ranking. Mirra Management DMCC retains the right to upgrade tickets without incurring further costs or obligations on its part.
  11. The buyer of a ticket supplied by Mirra Management DMCC must obtain information himself or herself in relation to instructions given by or on behalf of the organizer of the event or the authorities as well as changes with regard to the event such as starting times and similar. Mirra Management DMCC shall not have any obligation to further inform the buyer of the ticket regarding this.
  12. Please note that it is the responsibility of the buyer to be informed about the correct dates and starting times of concerts and events. Football matches, especially, may be postponed or moved one day earlier, in very short notice to the match, due to television rights. Mirra Management DMCC cannot influence this.
  13. Lost, stolen or damaged tickets cannot be duplicated.


Article 7: Cancellation due to Calamity

When games or tournaments are cancelled or held without spectators because of influences out of the power of Mirra Management DMCC (Weather influences, Terror Attacks & Epidemics) Mirra Management DMCC is not responsible for such and no refund will be issued.


Article 8: Special provisions and liability

Except for intent or gross culpability by Mirra Management DMCC or by its managing subordinates, and except for that which has been stipulated elsewhere in these general conditions, Mirra Management DMCC cannot be liable for any damages suffered by buyers or third parties.


Article 9: Payment terms, due date/ Delay / Non-Payment

In case client did not pay on time (due date) or pay too late after the agreed payment terms, Mirra Management DMCC has the right to do the following:

  • Cancel the contract
  • Payments already paid will not be refunded
  • All contract rules will be over ruled in case of not paying in time


Article 10: Information from and about Mirra Management DMCC

  1. Mirra Management DMCC is not associated to any official point of sale or organiser.
  2. Mirra Management DMCC is not the organiser of the event, but merely sells the tickets issued by the organiser. Mirra Management DMCC is an independent company and therefore not affiliated with the organiser of the event. In addition, we wish to point out that at the time of the original sale of these tickets, terms and conditions of sale may have been declared applicable by the organiser of the event, on the basis of which the organiser reserves the right to prohibit the resale of tickets.


Article 11: Applicable law

This agreement shall be governed by UAE Law. Insofar as deviating from statutory jurisdiction rules is allowed, the competent court shall examine all disputes that may occur between Mirra Management DMCC and the buyer within the District of UAE.